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India is known for its diversity across the globe. Ethnic wears are just a reason that distinguishes one part of the country from the other. All types of clothing require quite labor and attention to every detail.

One of India’s old traditional wear

Hand Block Print Saree is an old Indian traditional saree, popular for centuries. It is a century old Indian art in which the craftsmen utilizes a hand-carved teak wood block which is known as ‘Chappa’and is dipped in dye and stamp in on the saree.

Block printing is a uniquely Indian art of hand painting on textiles and fabric. It has been an elaborate technique since the very beginning.

The wooden blocks are created by the carvers according to their imagination. Depending on the design the artist is willing to create on the fabric, the block prints are used on the cloth.

Present Scenario of Block Printing Art

Today this technique of saree print is widely used to deliver Hand Block Printing Services in India. There are three types of this technique used by the craftsmen, Direct printing, Resist printing and Discharge printing.


Nowadays we come across many hand block printing sarees, hand block printing salwar suit, hand block printing bed sheets and many more.


India is one of the major exporter and manufacturer of the hand block printed textile across the globe.

Cotton love during Summer!

Summer is a remarkable time to explore all your fashion choices and have a fresh style. Staying cool in summer is important if you want your dress to reflect your style, comfort, and health.

Traditional cotton sarees, salwar suits, are a must item in the wardrobe of every Indian woman.

Cotton is a highly versatile fabric as it provides an exceptional variety to cotton suits design and therefore they are available in numerous variants, like, mixed cotton, pure cotton, chanderi cotton, linen cotton, etc.

Lovable Ethnic Wear for Indian ladies.

Cotton Salwar Suits are an ideal choice for girls in the hot and humid summer season. Cotton salwar kameez is widely popular among Indian women of its durability and elegance. It is lovable ethnic wear of every Indian woman because it is very comfortable, easy to wear and an absolute hassle-free dress.

Salwar kameez or ‘chooridar’ in very common language is no wonder a dress option worn by every woman of all generations, all over the country and beyond. Salwar suits are ideal wear for every purpose, from daily wear to office wear and even for party wear.

Salwar suits are generally available in three cut pieces of the cloth, each of kurta, the pant, and the last but not the least is the dupatta. Each suit is designed and manufactured to enhance and brighten up the wearer's beauty and personality to the optimum.

Choose the best suit for yourself!

The cloth of the salwar suit must be lightweight so that it does not pull you down with its heavy weight. It should be very breathable and should sit on your skin very comfortably.


Whether it’s a sultry summer or chilled winter, whether you have heavy work for the day or sit on the couch and relax this dress option will never disappoint you.


So the next time you purchase your salwar suit make sure you buy it from the best Salwar Suit Manufacturer.

Love for Indian traditional wear around the globe

India's traditional wears have earned admirers from all over the world to organizations like UNESCO. Ethnic wear is a very preferable option to just stay in touch with your tradition.

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